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John Visser, VA3MSV

L.A.R.C. Field Day Stats

Pictured above is my wonderful partner in life, Ruth Dahl, VE3RBO and myself on a beach on the island of Ameland in April 2019.

I am a amateur radio operator residing in London, Ontario, Canada

Licensed as VA3MSV in May 2003 with Basic Qualification which was later bumped up to Basic with Honours as I meet the requirements.  January 2014, I finally upgrade my license to Advanced Qualification.
Also in 2003, I became a m
ember of the London Amateur Radio Club which in 2020 celebrates it's 100 anniversary.

Above picture is Ruth, myself, my mother, Sharon Visser, VE3SVX, and my father John Visser, VE3FDV
Yes my parents are amateur radio operators as well.

Currently my main interest in amateur radio is VHF/UHF operations with an interest in APRS and DMR.
According to Ruth, I have too many radios.

At home I have the following.
    Yeasu FT-8900R for voice communications
    Icom IC-2400A as a back up voice radio.
    Kenwood TM-241A with a Kantronics KPC-3 for the APRS home station
    Kenwood TS-440SAT (for whenever I get the HF antenna up)

In the car I have a Kenwood TM-D710A with a GeoSat 5 APRS beaconing as VA3MSV-9 and a Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro

Yeasu VX-7R (my first HT purchased)
Radio Shack HTX-202 (Still works and still is great hand held)
Icom IC-2SAT
Yeasu FT-470
Kenwood TH-D7A
Kenwood TH-D72A
2x Raddiodity GD-77 (one with the OpenGD77 firmware acting as a hot spot)

This site is a work in progress.